Pressure Washing the Bluegrass

Pressure Washing

Our well-trained, professional technicians are experienced in exterior cleaning, and know how much pressure to use and which cleaners will work best on any exterior surface. We only use high pressure on hard surfaces such as your driveways, sidewalks, patios, brick retaining walls and other durable surfaces.


We offer a safe low pressure process called softwashing. We will clean your home’s exterior with our special formulated house washing detergents and gentle pressure. This beautifies your home and prevents mildew from damaging it while preventing unwanted damages and leaks caused by using high pressure.

Roof Cleaning

Does your roof have black streaks? Did you know it can be safely cleaned instantly without having to resort to a premature roof replacement? Using a no pressure cleaning approach, we preserve your shingles, we clean your roof of dirt and remove the black algae streaks. Algae cane eat your shingles by attacking the limestone and fillers that they are made of. At Omni Pro-Clean, we eliminate that worry.

Window Cleaning

If you’ve never had your windows professionally cleaned before, you are in for a treat. Nothing gives the atmosphere of your home a brighter, warmer and more welcoming feel than sparkling clean windows! You already have enough chores on your plate, let us handle making your windows sparkle. 


Deck Cleaning

Is your deck starting to look old by turning green with algae or gray from old age and weather? Our service will clean off spills and accumulated dust and dirt, and remove algae that attacks your stain and wood. This leaves you with a pleasant, appealing deck again.

Pool Deck Cleaning

Has your pool deck seen it’s better days? You’ve worked countless hours to make sure the water is crystal clear. But what about the pool deck? In such a moist environment, algae is an unsightly but common issue. And most pool decks are concrete, which can be subject to staining and a slipping hazard.

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