Chimney Sweeping

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If you have a chimney you will want to make sure to receive an annual inspection performed by our qualified professional so that we can help prevent carbon monoxide intrusion and chimney fires. These inspections can also identify potential system issues to address them before they become costly.

What to expect from your Omni Pro Clean Professionals, once we have an appointment set to come to your home. We do a typical sweep with full color video inspection. This process is approximately 2-3 hours and is completed inside. While we are in your facility, we protect every ounce that we touch. We will protect your property by wearing shoe covers, using floor runners, and proper equipment to prevent dust/soot from entering. We utilize the industry leading rotary power brushes used to dislodge creosote and any buildup in chimney flue. During our inspection, the live video feed can be cast right to your smart tv so you are able to see exactly what we see. Once the inspection is completed we will send you the digital inspection report to your email!

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