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A Complete Guide to the Commercial Cleaning Services at Omni Pro-Clean

Commercial Cleaning Services - Omni Pro CleanDid you know the average American spends six hours cleaning each week? Or that more than 28 percent spend over seven hours keeping things tidy? That said, one-third of Americans aren’t sure they’re cleaning enough or in the right way.

These observations also hold true for business owners and the facilities that they run. Of course, the COVID-19 pandemic has exacerbated these concerns as Americans remain caught in the grip of a pandemic. When it comes to a virus spread by moisture droplets in the air, how much cleaning is enough?
If you’ve had these concerns lately, you need expert advice and commercial cleaning services to assuage your fears and get your business in tip-top shape.

Fortunately, the skilled techs at Omni Pro-Clean have you covered. Here’s what you need to know about their commercial cleaning services Kentucky.

The Commercial Cleaning Services You Need

Finding the right commercial cleaning services for your organization can feel overwhelming. Especially when you must factor in public safety. While some cleaners excel at interiors, others handle exteriors.

This fact may leave you wondering who you can trust for all of your cleaning needs. After all, messes don’t relegate themselves to interiors or exteriors alone. Instead of hiring more than one company for these cleaning needs, go with the pros at Omni Pro-Clean.

Whether you need help cleaning exterior walls, interior walls, flooring, offices, or dryer vents, we’ve got you covered. Their skilled technicians have been thoroughly trained to handle:

  • Tile Cleaning Indoor/Outdoor
  • Grout Cleaning Indoor/Outdoor
  • Pressure Washing Indoor/Outdoor
  • Sanitizing Your Space
  • And More…

As you can see, they handle it all when it comes to ensuring your business stays hygienic, safe, and in operation during this critical time. Let’s take a closer look at the commercial services they provide for businesses and how they can help your enterprise.

Commercial Cleaning Needs

Until very recently, most Americans spent the majority of their waking time at their workplace. In some parts of the country where lockdowns have proven milder, this remains the case.

Of course, the pandemic has taught us much about cleanliness. We’re constantly bombarded with reports on the news about surface testing revealing coronavirus on innocuous enough looking surfaces from the places where we work and live.

Until recently, however, the amount of cleaning that a commercial cleaning service performed remained mostly minimal. Sometimes janitorial services meant as little as a quick vacuuming and trash collection.

But that light cleaning approach won’t do in 2020 and beyond. This fact holds especially true for businesses that provide services to the public. Whether we’re talking about a hair salon, restaurant, or grocery store, deep cleaning is a must.

Which kinds of commercial cleaning services does your business need? That will depend on a variety of factors. For example, the needs for cleaning a school or church prove quite different from those of commercial offices or sports stadiums.

Learn more about the accuracy of coronavirus surface testing and what it means for your business.

Types of Commercial Cleaning Services

These facilities require different levels of attention, too. Nonetheless, commercial cleaning services can be divided into four basic service types:

  • Daily janitorial maintenance
  • Cleaning associated with moves
  • Floor maintenance
  • Sanitation audits

How do you know which services to request at your facility? Keep reading to learn more about what each category entails. That way, you’ll know what to request when you set up commercial cleaning services.

Cleaning Maintenance

Maintaining a thriving business represents a full-time job, especially now that we’re dealing with COVID-19. You need an expert team that you can rely on to keep your office, shop, salon, or other space as clean as possible.

Of course, messes come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. So, the best cleaning services should cover anything and everything that’s bound to happen.

These include tasks such as:

  • Tile
  • Grout
  • Pressure
  • Sanitizing
  • And more

The best commercial cleaning services should meet your facility’s cleaning needs without question. They should ensure you present employees and members of the public with the cleanest space possible.

Consistent cleaning services, including electrostatic sanitizing, will ensure your business always puts its best foot forward. It’ll also ensure your commercial business looks its best, too. Whether you’re welcoming business associates, customers, or visitors.

Cleaning Associated with Moves

Moving is one of the hardest things that we do in life. Adding deep cleaning to the mix raises the difficulty level substantially. Yet, it’s a vitally important aspect of keeping members of the public safe and healthy.

Dealing with staff belongings, equipment, and more can feel overwhelming. These feelings get exacerbated by the presence of dust and dirt lurking behind the items that must get moved.

What’s more, many business owners that are moving feel tremendous pressure to leave their workspace pristine. Instead of letting frustration and overwhelm set in, hire a company that can handle your deep-cleaning needs.

After all, time is money. As thriving entrepreneurs, the folks at Omni Pro-Clean understand just how precious this commodity is to you. That’s why they employ technicians who clean with great care. Their team has the knowledge, tools, and resources to ensure your space gets thoroughly sanitized.

With Omni Pro-Clean, no detail will remain neglected, which means you can focus solely on your move.

Floor Maintenance

When it comes to filth, few areas of a workspace rival company floors. Unfortunately, these surfaces often get neglected by janitorial services that stick to garbage removal and vacuuming alone.

Over time, spills and mishaps occur. They can render your organization’s property unsightly and unhealthy. There’s no telling what’s lurking on your organization’s floors!

If you’d like your company’s first impression to be something other than grimy, hire the professionals at Omni Pro-Clean to handle these surfaces.

After all, the appearance and cleanliness of your flooring impacts everything from employee health to public perception. If you want your organization to exude professionalism, you must demand no less than spotless floors.

Don’t Forget Floor Maintenance

You should also consider regular floor maintenance. High-traffic enterprises remain among the most difficult to keep clean. As their floors get dirty, they may appear duller, scuffed, stained, or downright yucky.

Fortunately, a professional floor maintenance plan will do the trick. Not all cleaning companies provide the full slew of services needed to maintain floors. So, select a cleaning company with care.

A reputable floor maintenance company must provide the following services:

  • Cleaning
  • Stripping
  • Waxing
  • Buffing

They must have the required skills and equipment to make your business’s surfaces genuinely shine. When you choose a company like Omni Pro-Clean, that excels at floor maintenance, rest assured they can handle your floor maintenance routine needs.

They boast advanced and superior cleaning techniques that stand head and shoulders above the competition. They can handle everything, from the removal of stains and spots on the carpet to your other needs.

Sanitation Audits

Do you serve food at your establishment? If so, then you must comply with regular sanitation audits. These evaluations ensure public safety. They establish a standard to measure your business against.

In other words, these audits help your organization establish a consistent sanitation protocol. They provide you with report inspection results, feedback, and high-quality cleaning follow-ups.

They provide your business with the ability to measure the quality of cleaning over time. These audits are custom-tailored to the types and number of rooms at your facility.

They provide traceable verification of a surface’s hygienic status, a vital component of doing business in a post-COVID world. Don’t settle for anything less than an experienced commercial cleaning service that puts customer’s needs first.

Go with the Experts at Omni Pro-Clean

Omni Pro-Clean provides unparalleled commercial cleaning services that are better for the environment. They take pride in their high-quality work and won’t rest until your workspace looks and feels immaculate.

The company also provides customers with an excellent customer experience that consumers rave about. Search “janitorial services near me,” and see the results for yourself. Omni Pro-Clean realizes that no two businesses are alike. As a result, they have unique cleaning needs.

No matter what your company’s current commercial cleaning needs look like, Omni Pro-Clean has the workforce, equipment, and resources to meet and exceed your expectations.

Contact us today to book an appointment, allowing us to provide you with the best commercial cleaning services in the business.

Commercial Cleaning Services - Omni Pro CleanCommercial Cleaning Services - Omni Pro Clean
Commercial Cleaning Services - Omni Pro CleanCommercial Cleaning Services - Omni Pro Clean



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